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ASW Elementary Library: Cite sources

ASW ES citation expectations by grade level

Citation for beginners (video 3:14 min)


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Frequently Asked Questions

When creating citations in NoodleTools, these are very commonly asked questions:

What if I can't find the author?

  • Leave this field empty.
  • Do not use the website name as the author name.
  • If an editor name can be found, enter the name and change the field to "editor".

What if there is more than one author?

  • Include all authors in your citation.
  • Use the "add contributor" button to add as many authors as necessary.
  • Enter the author names in NoodleTools in the order they appear on the document/webpage article.

What if I can't find the publisher?

  • Leave this field empty.

Should I use acronyms for the website name? 

  • If the website is very common or well-known, using an acronym is fine; i.e. BBC, CNN.
  • If the website name is not very common, spell it out.

What if the website name is the same as the publisher name?

  • Only use it as the website name, and leave the publisher name field empty.

When should I use a publication date versus an access date? 

  • Publication date is preferred and best; always use the most recently updated date as the publication date.
  • If a publication date cannot be found, use the access date - the day you viewed the website.
  • It is okay to use both dates, but you must have at least one - publication or access date.
  • Some publication dates only have month and year, that is okay.